• Written translation: technical literature, contracts, manuals, patents, consumer product information, packaging leaflets, books, newspaper articles, press releases, etc.
  • Oral translation: simultaneous and consecutive translation jobs, language support at conferences (English/Spanish)
  • Proofreading: revision of documents in German and other languages
  • Ghostwriting
  • Website translation and localisation (tailored to your target audience)
  • Text editing in German and other languages
  • Business correspondence
  • Project Language Support
  • Individually tailored language training for companies and private individuals in English/Spanish/Italian language




Most of our translation work is in German, English, Spanish, French and Italian (all these languages may be source and target languages and language pairs, e.g. German-English, English-Spanish, French-German etc.).


All translations are either done or proof-read by native speakers.


Translations into other languages (e.g. Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Danish etc.) and other language pairs as well as translations by sworn translators are available on request and performed in collaboration with our certified partners.


Key areas


While we translate for a wide variety of industries, our key areas of expertise are:


Medicine and pharmaceuticals

Green technologies and environmental law

Water and waste management


Investor Relations and finance


Technical equipment/software


We are able to handle all standard software formats (Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, pdf, etc.) and also use a modern translation memory system (Across).


All documents are permanently stored in our database (secrecy guaranteed!) and we also develop a glossary or list of terms for your company if needed. This allows us to maintain a high level of quality and consistency and short turnaround times for documents that only need to be updated (e.g. price lists, product updates, technical manual updates, changes in patent documents etc.).