• Written translation: technical content, contracts, manuals, patents, SPC/packaging leaflets, books, newspaper articles, press releases, etc.
  • Oral translation: simultaneous/consecutive translation jobs, conference language support
  • Proofreading and content editing
  • Text creation for marketing/advertising
  • Website translation and localisation
  • Customised language training courses for companies and private individuals (English/Spanish/Italian)




Most of our translation work is from/into German, English, Spanish, French and Italian (all language pairs, e.g. German-English, English-Spanish, French-German etc.).


All translations are either done or proof-read by native speakers.


Translations from/into other languages (e.g. Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Czech, Polish etc.) as well as sworn translations may be available on request and performed in collaboration with our certified partners.


Key areas of expertise


We translate for a wide variety of industries, but specialise in:


Medicine & pharmaceuticals

Green technologies & renewable resources

Water & waste management

Mining & geology

Investor relations & finance


Technical equipment/software


We are able to handle all standard software formats (Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, pdf, etc.) and use modern CAT tools (Across, Trados) to provide you with a consistent, high-quality product and short turnaround times. This also allows us to simply update your translated documents (e.g. manuals, price lists etc.) to help you save time and money.