Schopf Language Services was founded in 1997 to provide translation and other language-related services to domestic as well as international markets and industries.


As a modern language service provider, we offer our customers the timely, professional support they need whenever linguistic challenges appear on their work horizon. Our wide range of services comprise written and oral translations, language project support, localisation support and customised language training for companies and private individuals.


In collaboration with other widely experienced academic and certified translators, and drawing on technical support from companies specialising in the relevant areas of industry, we provide the language and technical skills to translate your text into/from basically any language spoken in Europe.


Apart from the purely technical side, we are also familiar with the authoring environment. Ms Schopf is a member of the Upper Austrian Writers' Association and has written and co-authored papers, books and other literary material as well as done numerous readings in a variety of interesting locations (Stifterhaus Linz, 20er Haus Ried, etc.). If you are writing a book or article for publication, we are happy to assist you with proof-reading, ghost-writing and other literary work to help you turn your publication into a successful venture.


Satisfied customers are loyal customers. Our team is large enough to cope with multilingual projects and small enough to turn around projects quickly and flexibly so that our customers never miss a beat. Needless to say, we treat our customers' information in confidence and seek to build customer loyalty by delivering a consistent, high-level service - even at times when others may not be flexible enough or not willing to take on the job.